About us

Martine Nieuwenhuis

To thrive in the future, companies need to have a sustainable business model for people, for the planet and for profit.

A few years ago, I had a fundamental shift in my career’s moral compass.  As a fashion retail and e-commerce professional, I’ve witnessed a growing focus on individual products, mass consumption and maximizing sales, while minimizing costs.  This is not what I believe in anymore.

I am also Co-Founder of Good Brand Guru. Good Brand Guru is a professional network enabling knowledge-sharing and collaboration among sustainable fashion professionals and businesses.

Amanda Frantzen

As a landscape designer, it is impossible for me to ignore the impact that the fashion and beauty industry is having on our natural treasures and on our health. As an aware consumer and professional, I began my own search for more responsible and healthier products.  What I found is that the amount of information out there is overwhelming.

RDCLE is a direct result of a research, curation process designated to promote a more sustainable consumption model for myself and for others.

As a designer, I aim to create more attractive products that embrace good values.